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Who is Steve

About Steve

I spent 4 years in an orphanage before running away at the age of 15years.

At 17 years of age I walked into a Boxing Gym, unsure of myself or my future.

Boxing training gave me the self confidence and empowerment on my journey through life to be a successful businessman, Local Government Councillor and a member of the NSW State Parliament.

My decision to rejoin politics was brought about by many issues where I felt the government should be doing more.

By standing to represent it puts pressure on the government to spend more money in this area if they want to hold the seat.

my policies

My Policies will focus on the following areas.  Please contact me if you would like to chat about these or any other issues.

Local jobs

Better opportunities for our youth

Mental Health Services

Senior Citizen support services

Fishing, Farming & Timber Industries

Outdoor recreation

NO Fishing Lockouts...NO 4WD Track Closures

Mandatory Gaol for assaulting our Emergence Services Workers

Payroll Tax Exemptions for rural areas of High Unemployment

For the Fishers

The shooters fishes and farmers party are the only party New South Wales fishers can trust… 

The shooters fishes and  We stopped 25 new marine parks and fishing bands in 2018! Help us keep New South Wales fishing and overturn existing lock outs and marine parks. 

What we’re fighting for:

  •  More funding for fishing programs and associations
  • Less red and green tape for fishing regulation
  • Stopping lockouts, bans and marine parks
  • Better facilities for fishers and boating
  • More fishing access

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109 Prince St, Grafton 2460