• August 25, 2019
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Roads made from recycled materials - ACTIVELINE News (Australian News and Livestream Broadcasting)
Roads made from recycled materials

Roads made from recycled materials

Photo credit: Close the Loop

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the problems with waste and how so much of what we put in our recycling bin still ends up in landfill.

There seem to be so many different products that can be made from recycled materials but it seems that cost is often an issue with it being cheaper to make a product using new raw materials than to recycle materials.

In the Netherlands and India they are making roads from plastic and I have found an article about an Australian company that is also using recycled materials for roads. There is a 300m section of road in Melbourne that contains an additive that is made from 530,000 plastic bags, more than 12,000 recycled printer cartridges and 168,000 glass bottles. That is a lot of landfill!

To read the full article on this innovative company click on the link below.


The other interesting piece of inovation I came across was this bike made from cardboard and plastic. Here is a short clip about it. For more information there are longer videos available.


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